“Like many cyclists, I had a dream about touring coast to coast some day. I was able to organize my personal and professional lives to get the two months required to do the tour but shoulder/arm pain caused by a nerve problem in my neck put my dream in serious jeopardy.

Enter Sport & Spine Physical Therapy. Dr. Chris Campbell worked with my orthopedic surgeon to avoid surgery and come up with a PT regiment tailored to obtaining my personal goal. Chris and PT Assistant Ben Frost made sure I had a thorough understanding of my condition and recommended exercises that I could do while on the road. Thanks to them, I was not only able to complete my dream ride, but I was able to do it pain free!

Thanks guys. Because of you, my trek was NOT an exercise in pain management and I was able to concentrate on the beautiful sights this country has to offer.”


“I was referred to Sport & Spine for post-operative rehab from shoulder surgery. The care and treatment I received was highly effective. Thanks to Sport & Spine I am back to being fully functional in life’s general activities, and I am now rowing for competitions”.

PETE CATHEY, Head Coach UNH Men’s Crew, Master Rower; Assistant Coach of Charles River Rowing Camp

“I have always engaged in intense levels of activity in both work and play. So when I had a menisectomy and ACL replacement after an accident, I was completely immobilized. I came to Sport & Spine because they were highly recommended by my surgeon. I truly had my doubts about physical therapy, but as soon as I arrived I knew this was the right choice. They use diverse and innovative ways to get you on your feet again by setting challenging yet attainable goals. And when I was done with my therapy, they were just as proud of me as I was of myself.”
ALEXENDRA CHAN, Archaelogist

“I have been to numerous chiropractors, physical therapists, myotherapists and neurologists for the past 12 years for back, neck and shoulder pain to no avail. But after just 12 visits, I am out in my garden again! Chris and his staff really went the extra mile to see me reach and attain my goals. Thank you so much… I am forever grateful.”


“Suffering from a bad shoulder was something that I was living with for months. But working with the heroes over at Sport & Spine helped me progress at a level that was comfortable yet pushed me to a point that minimized the pain. Sport & Spine is the perfect physical therapy environment with a highly trained and cordial staff that really, really cares.”


“Excellent care that addressed the issue from both a cause and remedial standpoint.”

— J.W

“Having been an active athlete since I was 2 years old, I have worked with many trainers and coaches. This by far has been the BEST program ever in 40+ years.”

“Karen helped make my back pain go away quickly, taught me great stretches and exercises to keep the pain away and strengthen my back, thanks a ton.”

“Very comfortable with Karen, she was knowledgeable and very helpful.”

“Very professional and personable.”

“It was truly miraculous that with the help of Sport and Spine PT, I was able to recover from a
fractured pelvis far sooner than I ever imagined! Thanks so much.”

“Very good service Thank you!”

“Friendly and conscientious therapist. Very knowledgeable and professional.”

“They are great people!”

Jesse – Power Lifting Testimonial

Just wanted to reach out and give you an update on my recovery. When I stopped any compression or hinged lifting back in late August literally lifting a 45 pound barbell off the floor or squatting with it on my back was excruciatingly painful. To say I felt defeated was an understatement. I was nervous about this meant and what it could mean for me down the road, for many years I’ve felt at home in the gym and have benefited emotionally and physically from lifting weights. I was not ready to give that up.

I went to three other physical therapy facilities before yours and while they were fine, I did not feel the reassurance or cautious optimism that I received at Sport and Spine. In addition to providing great physical therapy, I felt challenged to slowly implement compound movements back into my regiment, as well as reminders of my progress and the inevitable recovery.

On Monday I deadlifted 500 pounds, far more than I’ve done since injuring myself back in August, and only 150 pounds shy of the most I’ve ever done competitively. It was an incredible feeling and an outcome I don’t think I allowed myself to believe was possible for a long time. Not only did you help get me pain free at work and school, but you also brought me back to passion. For that, I can’t thank you enough.

The culture you have created at Sport and Spine is welcoming and optimistic; I always felt encouraged when I left. Ben, relating your personal disc-related struggles and comeback to competitive distance running provided a lot of hope and put me at ease. I am grateful for that.

I attached the 500 pull from the other day, it’s been a goal to crack 700 for some time now and, with careful progress and maintaining proper mobility and recovery, I think that is obtainable in time.

Thanks for helping me get back to here, I’m still on my path and I’m in no rush but I can’t thank you enough for your guidance. I tell all my broken lifter friends to come to you and if you ever need a testimonial or reference I’ll be more than happy to offer a shining one.

Thanks again, hope you are both well.


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