Your FIrst Visit & Patient Forms

What to expect at your first visit:

First, we want to say hello, from all of us here at Sport & Spine Physical Therapy. We are happy to be part of your journey!

The following information will help you understand our on-boarding process, and what to expect prior to your initial evaluation. We can not wait to meet you!

Paperwork and forms

  • Getting to the appointment 10-15 minutes early will ensure that there is time to go over any questions, collect insurance card photos, and to ensure your paperwork is completed correctly.
  • You may fill your paperwork out ahead of time electronically. We will create a patient portal for your convenience.
  • Please bring your insurance card, your scheduler, and a form of payment for any copays.
  • We do ask that your paperwork be done 48hrs prior to your initial evaluation, if there are problems completing them, we are happy to help over the phone.
  • If you are unable to complete your paperwork online, that is no problem at all. However, we do ask that you come in 30 minutes early. This will provide enough time to complete the paperwork on the in-office tablet.


  • On arrival, you will meet our patient coordinator Marla at the front desk.
  • Marla will walk you through the rest of the on-boarding process.
  • Once checked in Marla will give you a tour of the front office, showing you the waiting area, our restrooms, and where Josh Grover the practice administrator’s office is. After the short tour, you are welcome to take a seat in our front waiting room.
  • Marla will walk back to the gym area and inform your clinician that you have arrived. They will come to the front to greet you, bring you back to one of our private evaluation rooms, and begin your initial evaluation.

Initial Evaluation

Your initial evaluation will take approximately an hour. Filling out the new patient paperwork prior to your visit will speed up the check-in process. Make sure to bring your physician/insurance referral, insurance card, and any paperwork. Your physical therapist will take a detailed medical history and use objective tests and measures to create a comprehensive treatment plan for you. Follow-up visits are approximately 45 minutes long.

What should you wear?

The attire that you choose should be related to the issue that the physical therapist will be examining.

  • Shoulder — a tank top, sports bra, or bathing suit top
  • Back — shorts, (hospital gown provided)
  • Neck — (Hospital gown provided)
  • Hip — Shorts (Hospital gown provided)
  • Knee — Shorts
  • Foot/Ankle — Shorts

Patient Forms

Below are PDF versions of all of our forms.

Please print out, fill in, and bring these forms with you for your first appointment.

Confused by your statement?

We’ve got you covered here’s a guide on how to read your statement.

How to Read your Statement

Patient Education at their first visit to Sport and Spine