What we treat

Conditions We Treat

Sport & Spine Physical Therapy, Inc. was established to align our vision of providing highly individualized patient treatments in order to work on healing a variety of conditions that are ailing our patients.  We create specific treatment plans for each unique condition to create the results out patients are looking for in order to recover. 

Our primary goal for our patients at Sport & Spine Physical Therapy, Inc. is to relieve and treat their conditions of: pain, improve movement, and restore full function to the body. Our secondary goal is to provide preventative healthcare in order to reduce the patient’s risk of re-injury of their condition in the future.

Through comprehensive patient evaluation, our clinical team will take the necessary time in order to develop a treatment plan that is specific to each patient’s unique condition. 

We treat a varity of Conditions

Acute & Chronic Pain

Pain is our body’s alarm system alerting us to a potential issue.  Pain however is not always associated with tissue damage.  With chronic pain, or pain that has been present for a period of 3 months or more, the brain begins to interpret this in different ways.  The stimulus that can bring on pain is different than when it first started and may be different from person to person.  There are entire college degrees devoted to pain.  We have a large volume of knowledge around musculoskeletal pain so let us help you figure out what it is, if it is harmful, and more than likely help you eliminate it.

Arthritis, Tendonitis, & Bursitis

These words have one this in common, the last 4 letters “it is”.  This means inflammation of the tissue of the word before it.  Example tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon.  These dysfunctions can occur from a direct blow or trauma however most they occur from overuse (see overuse injuries below).  Tissues will perform a certain act that emits inflammatory cells to heal the tissue.  When this occurs in excess or too long then the tissue and surrounding tissues begin to compensate which can lead to permanent tissue changes and possible injuries to other tissues.  With all “it is” conditions the quicker you get treatment the quicker the recovery will be.

Balance & Gait Difficulties

Whether you had a recent concussion, became dizzy suddenly, or began to be unsteady on your feet we are here for you. Regarding dizziness, often we can help you eliminate those troublesome symptoms in 1-2 visits. Let us help keep you safe, keep you from falling, and or help you recover from the concussion that is keeping you from the field or court. We also offer gait training, starting with the proper use of crutches, cane, or walkers, as well as looking at running mechanics using videotape analysis.

Joint Related Pain

Have you been able to predict the weather based on when your joints ache? This is quite common and often a sign that you may have some joint issues. Since joint movement requires lots of parts, we look at them all. From the muscles that move them, to the quality and range of the joint, and the stability or restriction that may be present. If you are tired of being a weatherman with your joint pain, give us a call and we can help.

Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

Back pain is a close second for the top reasons people go to see their doctors.  Physical Therapists understand back pain and leg pain (sciatica) just about the best of most health care professionals.  We can quickly and efficiently know what is going on, the origin of your pain, and get you moving quickly and safely.  Best of all we will help reduce your pain and support you in a healthy lifestyle to reduce the back and leg pain from coming back in the future.

Neck Pain & Headaches

The saying “a real pain in the neck” is for a reason, no one likes having neck pain, especially if accompanied by a headache.  We specialize in headaches that are associated with neck pain.  In the day and age of lots of computer use, phone, and desk work we understand that bad posture places undue pressures on our neck and surrounding muscles.  Through comfortable manual techniques, educate on self-stretching and strengthening, along with education on proper workstation set up, we will have you standing tall, having fewer headaches, and sleeping through the night in no time.

Overuse Injuries

Some injuries, during sports, at work, or even in the yard can occur gradually and sneak up on you. Muscles and tendons require what we call a proper work-rest ratio. When the workload is higher and longer than that tissue allows, pain and dysfunction can set into the given tissue. We will help you identify the tissue involved, teach you how to protect and support healing, all while teaching you safe movements in the meantime. When full activity and load are allowed, we will test the tissue and teach you how to prevent this from happening in the future.

Occupational Injuries

We understand that being able to work is an important part of your financial well-being. We take all workman’s compensation injuries and help get you back to work as quickly and safely as possible. We know that each occupation requires that body to do different things. We help support the healing of your injury, teach you how to move safely, and prepare your body for the strenuous movements that your job may require. Whether you sit at a desk, drive long distances, lift heavy material, stand for long periods of time, or movement and get into awkward positions, we understand these challenges and are ready to help you be at your best for yourself and your family.

Pre & Post-Surgical Cases

Having any kind of surgery can be scary.  Having a clinician who you can trust will do the right things, support the healing, and progress you as quickly and safely as possible.  We do this by keeping in close contact with your surgeon and know the protocols that he or she uses.  We help normalize your recovery by educating you each step of the way.  You will be surprised by how much progress you make each visit, and how much you can do while avoiding the risk of interrupting surgical healing.

Running Injuries

Did you know that the number of repetitions that your legs go through when running is 130-180/ minute? And that you enforce a load of about 2-3 times your body weight each time you land on the ground when running? There are a vast number of benefits to running from weight loss, heart health, improved mental health, lower cholesterol, etc. We understand how devastating it can be to have to stop running because of pain. Let us help. Most of us are runners ourselves. We all have had injuries that we had to rehab, and we understand the entire running mentality. Whether you run 1 mile a week, or run 100-mile mountain races, run only a few weeks before a family reunion, or run all year long through the cold months too, we understand and can help you get back on the road.

Sports-Related Injuries

We like to say that we are “athletes treating athletes”.  So, if you want a practice and a group of clinicians that will take you and your injury seriously, and treat you like an athlete, not like a couch potato, then we are the clinic for you.  Sports participation requires complex movements in lots of directions, requiring strength, ROM, and speed, unlike most normal daily activities.  We thrive on helping patients get back to the sport and activities that they love.

We know how important that is, and how devastating it is to sit on the sidelines and watch.  So whether you sprained your ankle, had an ACL injury, had a concussion, had a muscle bruise, or had surgery from a sports injury rest assure that you will be treated like the athlete you are, no matter what condition you start in our clinic with us.