How we treat

Services We Provide

Sport & Spine Physical Therapy offers a variety of services that we specialize in to help treat a number of conditions for our patients. We evaluate the individual in order to figure out which of the many services we offer will best fit their individualized treatment plan. 

Some of the services we offer are standard Physical Therapy services like strength conditioning, pain treatment alternatives, core strength, spine stabilization, etc.along with more specialized treatments like Dry Needling.

You can see a full list  of the Treatments that we provide below, along with details regarding our “Cash-Based” options for those patients who seek our services but do not have insurance.  At Sport & Spine, we are here to help anyone who needs treatment regardless of their circumstances.

Cash-based options

So, you do not have insurance, or you found out that we are out of your insurance network, NO PROBLEM.

We offer affordable cash base options including multi-visit discounts. Often the price you would pay to go somewhere in-network is just about the same cost as our cash-based programs. Often the cost of PT is far less than medication, MRIs, and surgery.

Blaze Pods

Blaze Pods are integral to rehab, enhancing physical therapy sessions with their versatile functionality. Physical Therapists utilize Blaze Pods to improve balance, coordination, and agility, tailoring exercises to each patient’s unique needs for optimal recovery and performance enhancement. With real-time feedback and customizable programs, Blaze Pods offer a dynamic approach to rehab, fostering progress and confidence in every step of the recovery journey.

Core Strength & Spine Stabilization

Did you know that there are 35 muscles that make up your “core”?

Lucky for you we know how they work, how to discover if they are weak, and how to help you improve your core. These muscles have movement properties and stabilization properties. We focus on what is needed for you, your condition, and what you want to do back to do again. Some injuries and conditions require an emphasis on more mobility because of tightness and stiffness and others require stabilization because there is too much movement and the tissue(s) need protection and stabilization.

Dry Needling

This is a technique that physical therapists use for the treatment of pain and movement impairments. The word “dry” indicates that we do this free of medications or injections. The small monofilament needle penetrates the skin treats underlying tissue for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement dysfunction.

Ergonomic Evaluations

We often do not think of our workplace as a potential site for overuse injuries, however, we can find ourselves doing very repetitive activities with incorrect postures for extended periods of time. We objectively look at your pain, injury, or dysfunction, and help identify potential risk from the positions, postures, or repetitive movements that might cause strain to your musculoskeletal system.

We make recommendations of how to best prepare for your workday through warmups and stretching, along with modifications to the workspace, and best ways to bend, move, and sit to put the least amount of strain on your body.

Home & Gym Exercise Programs

You cannot tell us that “the dog ate your homework”. We offer an easy-to-follow app for your phone to follow along and reference for your home program. If phones are not for you then we still offer the printed-out pages. Also, this website as well as our YouTube page offers some great videos of helpful and FREE exercises. We always ask that you get the approval of exercises from your therapist before you do it yourself.

Injury Prevention Education

Our specific knowledge base gained from extensive schooling, continuing education, and journal articles gives us the title of musculoskeletal specialists. We pass this knowledge onto you through education in prevention measures that will reduce the severity of potential harm to the tissues of the body. We understand the mechanism of injury for given tissues, risk factors, and provide a proper plan for you to prevent injury.

Orthotic Fitting

Inserts for shoes often make a show more comfortable.  We take this a step further (pun intended) and bring the ground up to the foot.  We utilized a neutral foot position, assess the position of your foot, and craft an orthotic in your shoe that matches your foot needs.  We use a semi-custom option which studies have shown are just as effective as casted options, however, we offer them to you at a very affordable cost.

Pain Medication Alternatives

We use low-risk treatment methods to help you reduce and eliminate your pain. We help educate you about the many facets of pain and often help you reduce your suffering. Besides education, we use skilled manual techniques, exercises, modalities, and specialized movements that help free up tissue and re-educate the mind and body back to a point before you had pain.

Pelvic & Women’s Health

The pelvis is part of the body located just below the abdomen and above the thighs.  This is a large bony structure that encases very important organs for a woman.  Issues in this area can include back pain, sitting pain, pain with coughing and sneezing, trouble with transfers, along with possible bowel and bladder dysfunction and sexual health issues.  We exam the issue and if there is musculoskeletal dysfunction we identify and help you improve this.  If we feel that the issue is out of our scope of practice, we are well connected to the correct practitioner and we make the appropriate referral for you.

Return To Work Conditioning

Are you out of work because of pain, injury, or disease? We can help. After a thorough and proper evaluation, we will design a specific strength, flexibility, and or endurance program that will help you match the physical demands of your job. We will often even incorporate work simulation. We strive to support your recovery, to allow you to make a living again.

Strength & Conditioning

As part of your rehabilitation, we include a wealth of resistance exercises that will properly strengthen and training the supporting muscles that will aid in your recovery. We offer strength and conditioning for the sport and industry athletes utilizing a wide variety of exercises that work on mind, mobility, strength, speed, agility, power, quickness, endurance, and performance.


The first and only AlterG®Anti-Gravity Treadmill®in New Hampshire!

This state-of-the-art high-tech treadmill is revolutionizing fitness by allowing you to run or walk with reduced impact. Through patented NASA technology, the anti-gravity treadmill provides up to 80% body weight support while reducing stress and strain on your body. The benefits of the AlterG include the ability to control gravity, therefore reducing your body weight as you stand, balance, walk or run.

While on The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® you will be able to:

  • Run without discomfort or pain
  • Burn more calories by going farther or faster than you normally can
  • Train through injuries
  • Feel the joy of running without the impact on your joints
Alter G Treadmill provides a new way to exercise and rehabilitate without putting pressure on your joints